Catherine Glynn
1 min readFeb 23, 2024


Photo by Guy Kawasaki on Unsplash

Fear swept over me like

A wave

And the surge beneath pulled me

Further under

I started to fight it

Panic ensued

It was hard to tell which way was up

Where air

Ssssipppp whoosh gasp

Could be found

Down down

There is the dark

There is the hard sand

Bubbles all around

Huuuup shhhhshhhhh

Reach, grasp

For what?

There’s nothing but

Me to hold on to

My consciousness

Quiet my mind



Feel the rhythm

Let the wave wash over

Memento Mori:



There is a push

And a pull

I release the panic

Letting go

Into the flow

I’ll make it or I won’t

Light in one direction

Follow the wonder

A lack of oxygen creates a haze

Azure skies above

Inky abyss below

Salt water burns the eyes

But somehow Mother Nature’s tears tear through

The fear

Giving me the clarity I seek

I ride these waves for a reason

I am confused by the new season

Was it a hand that pulled me from the water

Or was it some small seed of wisdom

Planted by Pele or Poseidon

Something greater than me

But within

That pulled me from the waves

And set me right again.



Catherine Glynn

Founder & CEO of Voce Veritas | Artistic Director of A.R.T. (Audacious Raw Theater). I put poetry in motion and develop the voices of visionaries on the verge.